Paul Vinchon, web developperHello. My name is Paul.

I am a young yet skilled web developer and I am looking for some work.

What I can do for you (non-exhaustive list)
  • Integrate a design (PSD or XCF) to HTML5/CSS3 + JavaScript
  • Creating a website using front-end and back-end technologies
  • Remotely administrate your website

A bit about me

I am a french web developer but I can speak English without any problem. I am now 22 and looking for work.
I have been in the IT world since I was 12. I have developed an instinct to understand and use technologies.
I am still undergoing education. Therefore, I am looking for small to medium-sized freelance work.

Quick glance at my qualities as a web developer


I like when things are neat and homogenous. I like things to be pixel-perfect aligned. I like to optimize code and hate redundancy.


I acquired experience using books, Internet and doing personal projects. I have always been a DIY person and I can adapt to most situations.

  Genuinely passionate

Unlike some, I really like coding. I see time fly when I code. I am genuinely interested by projects & do research on my own to understand underlying problems.


Since I am undergoing education, I cannot work full time and have no real diploma. Thus, although I produce high-quality code, I will not ask for an engineer wage and I am cost-efficient.